Improve your Staff Safety & transform your Service Provision today!

Peace of Mind

Powerful panic button feature on each device – instantly call for help!

Improve Staff Efficiency

Real-time GPS Tracking for your employees – know where everyone is, all the time.

Non Intrusive

Small, lightweight, battery powered device that acts as a card holder & can be worn as a lanyard.
What can WorkerMate do?
WorkerMate helps protect your workforce by automatically tracking location, movement and proximity to others. 
WorkerMate gives your employees peace of mind, knowing they are always connected, whilst providing you with powerful management information. Improve your staff safety and transform your service provision today! 

How WorkerMate Can Help

Keeping your workforce safe & secure

Automatic notification of close contact between employees, contact tracing within your organisation.
Track location over time using our mapping features.
Automatic notification – identify workers in need of assistance.
Pre-program up to 3 buttons for immediate action
Two-Way live communication, always in touch with your team
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Personnel Tracking and Security
  • Multiple use cases: care home, residential, office space, lone workers. 
  • Alert when a user leaves a specified area – perfect for care homes and assisted living residences
  • Automatic notification of no-movement – identify workers in need of assistance.

Reduce Operational Risk

Know who is where, when.

Notification & Alerts

Let us tell you when there is a problem!

Improve Staff Efficiency

Identify and optimise resource deployment.

Multiple Use Cases

Care home, residential, office space, lone workers.

Peace of Mind

Connected, protected.